Eagle Valley Church of Christ
Our Mission and Approach
Our goal, our motive, and our underlying reason for everything we do is to please God. Because it is only through His word that we can know what is truly pleasing to Him, you will find that we stress the importance of diligent Bible study on a consistent and ongoing basis.
(2 Corinthians 5:9,  Colossians 1:9-10)

Because we believe God’s word to be the all-encompassing truth, we place great emphasis on searching the truth, speaking the truth, and living the truth in the spirit of love. (John 17:17,  Ephesians 4:15)
Our Worship Service
Our worship services follow the God-approved New Testament pattern exhibited by the early church. We assemble on the first day of the week to proclaim our faith in Jesus Christ and to worship God. We sing songs of praise, pray to the Father, remember the sacrifice of His Son by partaking of the Lord’s Supper, give of our means, and learn more about Christ and God’s will through the study of the Bible.
Our Fellowship
Building genuine relationships with one another is a critical part of our congregation’s strength and unity. Fellowship activities abound where we enjoy and gain encouragement from our time together.
Our Invitation
Eagle Valley is a visitor-friendly congregation. You will be made to feel welcome. Simply sit and listen; or, better yet, participate! Right now is a great time to visit. We hope to see you soon!
Sunday Morning
9:00am - Bible Study
10:00am - Worship

Sunday Evening
6:00pm - Worship

Wednesday Morning
10:30am - Ladies Bible Study

Wednesday Evening
7:00pm - Bible Study
8465 Crawfordsville Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46234

Bible classes are designed to be age specific with a focus on learning God's word as a group and applying it to our lives.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and ask questions (before, during, and after class) to promote a better understanding of God’s will.

Sunday Morning Classes
Nursery (0-2 years)
Toddlers (2-4 years)
Preschool (Kindergarten - 1st Grade)
Elementary (2nd - 6th Grade)
Teens (13 years to High School)

Sunday Evening Classes
Nursery (0-2 years)

Wednesday Night Classes
Nursery (0-2 years)
Toddlers (2-4 years)
Preschool (Kindergarten - 1st Grade)
Elementary (2nd - 6th Grade)
Missions and Outreach

The members of Eagle Valley are committed to focusing our mission efforts toward the spread of the Gospel both locally and throughout the world.

Here are some of the mission and outreach ministries we support:

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort
Nationwide effort based in Nashville, TN
House to House Heart to Heart
Outreach publication
Veterans’ Hospital and House
Indianapolis, IN
Sheltering Wings
Danville, IN
Teddy Bear Project
Indianapolis, IN
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